Jan Geoghegan        Encaustic and Mixed Media Originals

Jan Geoghegan began her artistic career in Dover, Delaware where she was among the founders of the Dover Art league and an artist managed cooperative gallery. She returned to Connecticut where her paintings continued to be featured in numerous juried shows, invitationals, and solo exhibits. Many artworks, including several on this site, have received awards. Having worked in many mediums, Jan Geoghegan has, for some time, concentrated on* mixed media encaustic painting.* Because they may be new to some, she offers a brief explanation of what encaustics are and how she creates her unique images.


Encaustic paint is a combination of refined beeswax, pigment and damar resin. It is applied in a molten state, fusing each layer to the one set down before it. An ancient medium, it has exciting possibilities for contemporary work. The pigmented wax is melted directly on a heated surface or in tins and applied to a rigid surface. I imbed, incise, scrape and otherwise change the surface as I work, using wood burning tools, a heat gun and assorted implements-- whatever works! My paintings may be textural, thin and transparent or even dimensional. Encaustic paintings are durable and virtually impervious to change over time.