My studio is a place of discovery. Perhaps this because rather than painting what I see at the moment, I allow each image to "grow" to completion. The working process is somewhat cerebral as there must be a balance between what the molten medium does and the artist's intent. An artist whose work I admire, Paul Klee, said, "Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible." I am drawn to textural surfaces and enjoy manipulating the wax paint with tools as well as brushes. Paper, fabric, and found materials are often added to the mix. The blocks of encaustic paint are richly pigmented and can be blended to make an infinite number of elusive tints, shades and transparencies.


Will the painting melt? Encaustic paint melts at 150 degrees. No fine art should be subjected to such an extreme. Encaustic paintings have endured for thousands of years and require no varnish or glass to protect them. Gentle buffing with a soft cloth will restore luster to the surface.

Fusing With a Heat Gun